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Ground Zero 6.5 - Decoding Emerging Sectors

21st Jul, 2022

The Ground Zero 6.5 Edition, Decoding Emerging Sectors, ended on a high note discussing various industries. The five sessions held by 18+ Stalwart Speakers grabbed 3500+ impressions. 

Watch the complete panel discussion here.

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Ground Zero 6.0 - Golden Age of India Internet

3rd and 4th Feb, 2022

In this event, We saw the most recent trends, challenges, growth drivers, and the way forward within 10 different sectors.

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Black Friday 2021 - The Biggest Online Shopping Event

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

In this event we will tackle emerging trends in the Ecommerce industry in the Middle-east.


Gaming & Content—Propelling India Internet to the Next Phase of Growth

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

In this event we will dive into the latest trends in the rapidly-growing Gaming and Short-form Content sectors of the Indian Internet space.

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#3 Delivery Delight Index

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

A deep-dive into how leading eCommerce platforms are performing across various delivery-related parameters such as customer experience and merchant experience.

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Ground Zero 5.0

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

RedSeer's take on India's on-going unicorn-fest, upcoming stream of IPOs and the road ahead for the Consumer Internet Ecosystem.

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Delivery Delight Index

17 March 2021

A deep-dive into how 'Delivery Experience' is the primary factor influencing the customer satisfaction of eCommerce platforms.

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The Rise of Short-form #2

21 April 2021

RedSeer's take on how Made-in-India platforms have successfully managed to fill the void left by the Tiktok ban in the Short-form digital content space.

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Ground Zero 4.0 | Scaling Up

22 January 2021

RedSeer's biggest-ever event where we dissected the past and deliberated on what the future holds for the Indian Internet Space.

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RedSeer Shadowfax Logistics Index

9 December 2021

RedSeer and Shadowfax's take on how evaluating the performance of leading eCommerce platforms from a logistics perspective.

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The Rise of Short-form #1

5 December 2020

With the TikTok ban leaving a massive vacuum in its wake, this was RedSeer's take on the rise of native content players and how they are vying for dominance in this hotly-contest and rapidly-growing sector.